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Viewsonic Computer Monitor Reviews are included on this page.  The company's monitor models cater to a large spectrum of users with specific display needs. Series of models are created to distinguish each monitor’s features and the type of user it benefits the most. These are the Optiquest series, Value series, LED LCD, Graphics series, Pro series, and the X series.    

The Viewsonic Computer Monitor Optiquest series (eg. Optiquest Q2161WB ) is a line of LCD display monitors, which are designed with budget in mind. It features traditional monitors with good display capability, thus making an excellent upgrade from the CRT monitor without spending too much. However, Viewsonic has created better LCD monitors and is replacing the Optiquest series. 

The Viewsonic Computer Monitor Value series (eg.  19" VA1928wm LCD ) is the new group of inexpensive LCD monitors, which provide better display capability and energy-saving features. Aside from the cost saving measures, most monitors in this series have built-in speakers, HD capability, high resolutions of up to 1920x1200, and fast video response, thus making an all-purpose monitor, which has a remarkable cost-performance ratio. 

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Only one product is made for the LED LCD, the22” VLED221wm widescreen LCD monitor. This Viewsonic model uses mercury-free LED lighting so energy consumption is lesser. Mercury-free LED lighting also provides exceptional contrast to enhance graphics and video outputs. Using its 118% OptiColor NTSC rendering technology, it produces life-like images and enhances video playback, therefore delivering a unique multimedia experience.  

The Viewsonic Computer Monitor Graphic series (eg.  24" VG2427wm LCD) is intended for large companies that require high-end quality display outputs, putting into consideration ergonomics and versatility. Monitors in this series have a pivot at its base to allow better viewing angle. These are slim monitors designed to maximize desktop space. Most are widescreen to enable multiple programs running side by side. USB ports and DVI connectors extend monitor capabilities and retain high definition input to a high definition output without image compromise.  

Professionals who want extensive multimedia display capabilities should opt to have a Viewsonic Computer Monitor from their Pro series (eg. VP2655wb) . These monitors deliver ultra high quality images, which retain all the real colors and contrast of any input image. Video response is very fast that video authors would have no problem creating artful and professional videos. Having all the features of the LED LCD, Pro series monitors also have a pivot at its base, tilting the monitor screen into a 178-degrees viewing angle without any inconsistency in the display output. They also have USB ports intended to expand monitor capability to maximize its role in any professional setting. 

The X Series is the apex of all LCD monitors made by Viewsonic. The latest X series monitor is the VX2265wm FuHzion. It delivers unmatched image clarity through its super HD resolution. Its fast video playback, coupled with 120Hz of frame rate, virtually eliminates blurring. It is best used by extreme gamers who want to maximize a game's realistic 3D effects, or devoted professionals who want no less than perfect quality image and video output in terms of color, contrast, and definition. Of course, 3D movies can be watched here. To date, this is the best Viewsonic monitor in terms of performance, reliability, and versatility.