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Acer Computer Monitors Reviews

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Acer Computer Monitors are leading the industry!  Acer is an international computer electronics corporation that is based in Taiwan, and Acer is the second largest manufacturer that produces multiple PC gadgets such as desktops, laptops, storage devices and many more.  One of its most popular products and the reviews are based on their computer monitors.  

Acer Computer Monitors are one of the best devices for people who believe in technology.  Not only are they good when it comes to features, these type of monitors are said to heave a fair selling price that will suit most people’s budgets.  Among its latest products is the new Acer B243HL monitor which can be purchased for about $300.00.  Their model at this price range contains certain features normally available on only higher-end products such as a Max Resolution of 1920x1080, 8M:1 Image contrast Ratio, 26-watt energy consumption and 5 ms response time.

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On another side, among its best-selling Acer Computer Monitors are the Acer H233H 23” monitor, Acer V223Wab Widescreen and Acer AL1951B 19” LCD monitors.  For the H233H monitor, people find the crystal clear picture and wide viewing area a great advantage.  However, because of its great size, spacing will be a little problem as one might be needing a larger desk.

The Acer V223 Widescreen, whose price ranges from $ 165-$200, is also a way to go for.  With its bright and vivid colors and 1680x1050 resolution, nothing would be more satisfying than to sit back, relax and watch your favorite movies with this fantastic 22” monitor.  Unlike other makers of flat screen monitors, the side viewing angle of this type of Acer monitor is decent and you can get your friends to sit around you watching without the need to tilt the monitor or find the needed viewing angle each time.

And lastly, for those people who hunt for real bargains on Acer Computer Monitors, you may want to consider the Acer X223W monitor. This product, which has a market selling price close to $150 bucks, also contains features typically found on higher end products. Its overall image quality is good, with slight contrast issues that aren’t really problematic. Desktop icons are sharp and crisp, with a speedy response time of 5ms, and fairly good viewing angles. However, according to one source, there is a blue tinge on shades of gray and screen lacks details when it comes to dark patches.

In general, Acer Computer Monitors come in a wide variety of sizes and features and depend on the model. In spite of these differences, users still can’t avoid experiencing certain problems which may arise, and that is just common for almost everything invented. Nevertheless, these issues are not often serious and can be dealt with by troubleshooting.