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Cheap Computer Monitor Reviews are for those on a tight of budget, but need to replace your faulty or aged monitor.  Cheap computer monitors are available everywhere, but the thing is, how will you find them…or rather, how will you choose among them? And take note, “cheap” here may imply two meanings---a monitor that costs minimal is cheap, and a monitor with poor quality is also cheap. So between the two, buyers naturally intend for the first definition. In buying computer monitors, a clever buyer may want to find the cheapest monitor, but without compromising the value of that product. The number one thing to consider is obviously—the price. Cheap computer monitors can be purchased as low as $ 150.00. But is the price enough for you to buy such item? Of course, there are other factors that you need to consider in satisfying your PC’s video needs without breaking the bank.

Costs of Cheap Computer Monitors are derived on size, brand, and sometimes quality.  Often you is alot of value via seeking a good deal or cheaper price on a computer monitor.  Number one is the size of the screen in terms of overall affordability.  Other than the size of the screen, it is important to know other specs such as the resolution, which is the number of pixels on the screen that affects the clarity and details of a particular image. Bigger monitors have the tendency to have more pixels in them. The more pixels a cheap monitor has, the better its viewing capacity. You will be able to see more of the picture at once, compared to another cheap monitor that has a lower resolution. In case you can see all the details but they appear too small, you may just lower down the resolution so that the things will look bigger.


The vertical refresh rate is also another important consideration of Cheap Computer Monitors if you care a lot smoothness of live action. This refers to the number of times your monitor refreshes the image to combat eye strain. People who sit in front of the computer a lot, especially gamers, would find this very useful. This is measured in hertz (Hz). Let’s say, you’re monitor runs at a vertical refresh rate of 80Hz, the image on your computer is drawn 80 times per second. There are times when you notice your screen flicker, which you haven’t noticed sooner until after an hour, when you’re already experiencing the headache. This means that the vertical refresh rate of your monitor is running slow, so you need to choose a higher vertical refresh rate.

Choosing your cheap computer monitor will take time, and will also necessitate some amount of patience. Anyway the bottom line always stays at the end---A lot of money can be saved if you made the right decision.