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Computer Monitor Reviews

Computer Monitor Reviews 

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The Computer Monitor Reviews on this website will provide insightful information on some of the today's and past top rated brands and vendors of desktop monitors.  We help you find the best PC equipment as we review some of the best brands to include Acer, Toshiba, HP, Compaq, Sony, Dell, Gateway, and Apple (or Macs) manufacturers.  You decide which ratings are most important to you!  


The Computer Monitor Reviews listed on our site are based on both ideal specs and concerning factors such as pixel and screen resolution, vibrant colors, clarity, low and high light brightness settings, contrast, the amount display features/functions, as well as reliability and energy star efficiency.  In our opinion, such characteristics most assist the user in finding the best value for their money base on their needs.

We realize various desktop monitor features are more important for different PC users, so we recommend you analyze the parameters that are most important to you.  For example, many use their computer to watch movies and high definition resolution with widescreen aspect ratios may be a concerning feature for you.


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Additional new and used computer monitor reviews will be added in the future ranging from the older CRT and tube type to the current blend of LED and LCD (liquid crystal display) flat panels. Although used equipment ratings will be added, keep in mind only the newer flat panel lcd screen monitors may be needed for current interfacing with current technology demands. The newer LCDs will have the proper jacks and connections needed for latest technology of cables such as VGA HDMI connections. These types of connections are becoming phased in and/or will soon be required for proper interfacing with today's modern electronics.

Interested in adding to and writing your own computer monitor reviews on some of today's top rated models? Feel free to contact us, as we're always looking for contributers for our website!