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Some of the top rated 15 inch Computer Monitor Reviews are on this page.  Plenty of branded 15 inch Computer Monitor and crt displays exist in the market today. They come in different colors, company logos, wattage requirements and aspect ratios/formats. With the competition in the LCD market getting fiercer, almost all manufacturers will try to top its competitor's product by putting in many features that extends the monitor's capability. It is burdensome to illustrate and compare every feature of all LCD monitors to one another. That is the reason why this article will discuss the basic feature, which is the screen size, specifically the 15-inch LCD monitor.

The 15 inch Computer Monitor is one of the most widely used monitors for all display needs, mainly because of its size. One of the advantages of a 15 inch monitor is that it provides a total display area that many people are comfortable with.  The display area allows a computer user to have a full view of the whole screen without moving their eyes too much around the screen, thereby reducing eyestrain. In addition, whenever one looks at the monitor in a normal desktop setting, that person already has a full overview of the monitor without moving farther away from it. In contrast to smaller or larger monitors, computer users will have to shift his or her position to view it comfortably because home or office settings, usually, involves a small desk, and the monitor is in a fixed position. With the 15" computer monitor, it makes sure that a person using the computer is already comfortable with little or no change in distance from it; therefore, it lessens back pains, neck strains, and eye weariness.


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Since a 15 inch Computer Monitor has an excellent space-saving size, another advantage of having this kind of monitor is that it can be placed anywhere. It does not take too much space on a desk or any surface area.  Entertain friends by using it as an entertainment hub on top of the coffee table, and have your guests use it while they are waiting for dinner. Its screen size is also perfect for reading e-books since full pages can be viewed like a hard copy of the book itself. There are plenty of locations and uses for the 15-inch monitor that can truly change the way the computer is used.


Light in weight is another advantage of the 15-inch computer monitor. It is light enough to be carried by anyone without applying too much strain on the muscles. It is very tedious for a person to carry a 15-inch CRT monitor due to its weight, not to mention trying to balance oneself with the heavy load. Being light in weight, the 15 inch Computer Monitor makes the setup less stressful and the computing more fruitful. 

Other than the size, firmware and company-specific features, there are other concepts that differentiate the 15 inch Computer Monitor from all other monitors. A 15 inch Computer Monitor provides cost savings. Consider an apple pie. Which of the two is easier to cool, a whole pie or a slice of it? Clearly, the latter is easier to cool. This shows that the 15-inch monitor is easier to cool than other larger monitors are. To a single home user, this may not seem significant. However, to a business owner who needs to save resources, the 15 inch Computer Monitor is more advisable to use. It does not need large amounts of air conditioning, thereby cutting off electric bills. Saving energy is another great feature of this monitor size. Brightness settings are rarely changed, thus optimizing the power it gets and again, saving precious resources. Changing the settings on a 15 inch Computer Monitor will not affect the power input.  The smaller the monitor, the lesser light it needs. Not only this saves you residual power, but it also avoids unnecessary tinkering with the monitor.  

The 15 inch Computer Monitor is truly a versatile one. It saves power and money, prevents muscle and eyestrain, and it can be placed virtually anywhere without taking too much space.